Dear Valued Customer!

On behalf of the board of directors would like to greetings all of you who have trusted and supported us for past 5 years! Our company was established in 2012, has provided the equipment in Fastfood industry, components and service package maintenance ... After 5 years of establishment and development, we have launched two main business as:

FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT (Mail:, Tel: +84 38496821)

HOME FURNITURE (Contact: Mr. LE - 0989.282.839)

In FOOD SERVICE field we have Big partners like: Sheraton Hotel Saigon, Park Hyatt Sai Gon, Lotteria, KFC, Jollibee, Pho Ong Hung & Hue, Bread Fresh Bread, Central California Yoga yoga, Ru Nam Coffee, Ocean Dunes Resort, Restaurant. Potato, Intercontinental, Supermarket MyMart, Starlight Recreation Center .... In Gelato Ice we have Big partners like: Yogen Fruz Ice Cream, Roseice Saigon Cream, Eatme Ice Cream, Infuz Cream, Jolly Quy Nhon Italian Ice Cream, Long Khanh Cream, Cream PM Phan Thiet, coconut cream, Ikem Nguyen Du, KREM Gelato Cu Chi, King Cao Cao, By The Way Hanoi ....

Our business lines:

+ Import equipment, exclusive distribution & retail distribution of food equipment .

+ Gelato equipment, Coffee, Bar, high quality milk tea

+ Technical consultant, service and maintenance food equipment.

+ Provide specialized components. Starting point from the 'Technology company'We always focus on warranty service that be the core factor for our company long-term business and development with our core value: “ INTERGRITY IS THE CORE– CUSTOMERS IS TOP PRIOTY Our company continues to improve the quality of our products and provide our best service –and add value our customers whom use our products and service Our partners are: Simplex, B & G Supply Company, Charles wembley, TTG Group, Vietblend Training Center Hanoi, Netspace School...

We are active and friendly, willing to cooperate and expanding with all domestic and foreign partners Thank you for your trust and choice of our service! Sincerely thank!

Board of Directors